Happiness Within My Make-believe Houses


Of Happiness and Biophilia

The Merchants

William Sim & Lush Tan

The Merchant Of Happiness Official Store

by William Sim and Lush Tan

Leo Tolstoy once said that happiness is an allegory, and unhappiness a story.

I'm not sure I believe in stories of happiness. Happiness, to me, is more like a picture made up of small, fragmented moments of joy, each one interlocking with the next to form a kind of mosaic. Or like a collection of scattered puzzle pieces that don't fit together neatly. It's untidiness meant that there's no coherent story to be told, no moral to be drawn. Maybe that's the key to authenticity in happiness - letting go of the need for a story and embracing the small random moments of joy that come our way.

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The Work

  • Paintings

    William Sim's paintings delve into the themes of coexisting harmoniously with nature and the interconnectedness of all things. In his artworks, nature is the focal point, portrayed with a playful and imaginative flair. His creations blend whimsy, fantasy, and surrealism, producing a one-of-a-kind and captivating visual encounter that evokes the charm and tranquility of rural living.

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  • Sculptures

    The sculptures are a joint creation by Lush Tan and William Sim. The collaboration between a sculptor and a watercolourist has produced a hybrid art form that merges the boundaries between watercolour painting and sculpture. Their sculptural pieces explores into various themes, including nature, environmentalism, personal reflection, and philosophy. Through their work, they transport viewers to a realm where reality and fantasy meld harmoniously.

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  • Publications

    Our artists' books are independently published and of high quality. Lush Tan designs and conceptualises each book, which are printed in full-colour using offset printing technology at our local press. We print the books on acid-free paper in limited quantities to ensure collectibility and longevity. Additionally, each copy is carefully collated by hand, resulting in a unique and meticulously crafted product.

    Art Books
Lush Tan Sculpture The Hermitage

Colour Your World

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